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Weapons are an extremely needed item for DMP because if you do not have weapons you cant kick some zombie butt or even other players



The katana is a very powerful weapon Damage:50 Melee:50


This is the Machete (added a special blood thingy) also it is powerful but not quite known Damage:45 Melee:45


Desert Sniper .357

This is the modified version of the Desert Eagle it has added a new scope feature to improve accuracy Damage:60 Clip:10 Pistol:50

Gold Desert Eagle

This Desert Eagle is currently for Moderators and Admins but it will also be released for players after awhile Damage:100 Clip:12 Pistol:100


The one and only Desert Eagle it is the real deal Damage:50 Clip:5 Pistol:50

Machine GunsEdit

Ak 47

This is the AK-47 Avtomat Kalashnikov is a terrorist gun Damage:60 Clip:35 MachineGun:60


The m249 saw was made to replace the m60's weight but it cant replace the m60's clip size. Damage:80 Clip:200 MachineGun:90

Chinese type 56

Some people get confused by the ak and the chinese type 56 the only difference is that the chinese type 56 has a bigger clip size Dmage:60 Clip:100 MachineGun:70


This is the most futuristic gun in all machine guns here in DMP the FAMAS it is also strong and durable Damage:70 Clip:50 MachineGun:80


Highlander 870

The Highlander 870 is the very first weapon in DMP tested first at a viathan Damage:50 Clip:5 Shotgun:30


The Usan-12 is a very strong military weapon it also has a very high knock back to zombies

Damage:80 Clip:50 Shotgun:80

Saiga 20

The saiga-20 is a very reliable shotgun and it is also powerful Damage:50 Clip:10 Shotgun:50

Laser gun

This is DMP's Strongest of the strongest weapons in history, some say it can kill all boss zombies in DMP with only one hit! but some say it's bullets could not be found in the City or in the Shop.

Damage:?? Clip:999 NO SKILL REQUIRED


This is DMP's specialty it is strong but uses a lot of ammo so you may buy a lot of ammo or just buy the Infinite Ammo in our Special Shop. Damage:100 per hit. Clip:500 MachineGun:100

Dawn Dagger

This is the one and only Dagger of Time a contribution to Prince of Persia sands of time.

Damage:192 Melee:100

Dawn Machete

The Dawn machete was made from Black Iron found in the deepest part of the Infected City

Damage:190 Melee:100